Virtual Events

Education Accessible from Anywhere.

Grow your event reach and member engagement by hosting webinars or live streaming your in-person conferences or seminars.


Extend Your Professional Influence,
Enhance Your Member Benefits

Do it all with CE-Go's virtual events.
No need to sign-up for multiple accounts on different sites.

Set up your virtual event using our all-in-one integrated dashboard.
You will have all the tools you need to create, invite, remind, host and follow-up with your virtual event attendees.

MacBook Pro showing CE-Go Dashboard
Mobile Friendly

Our dashboard works on any device: desktop, tablet or mobile.

Simple to Use

You can easily set up a online event from your integrated dashboard.

Powerful Tools

Send out webinar notices, invites and reminders easily and simply.

Set Attendance Goals

Define your attendance goals and then let our software do the rest. You can see who attended your event and for how long.

Simplified Processes

Links for event evaluations are sent to participating attendees after your event. CE certificates are automatically available upon submission of the evaluation form. No chasing required!


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